Friday, August 29, 2008

Dhoni ho tho sab changa!

Victory finally for the Men in Blue
Not 4-1, but a comfortable 3-2
No Veeru, no Tendler, no Lambu
Nor the ever reliable Jumbo.
Just Dhoni standing tall and true.
Leaving all, his absence in the Tests, to rue.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Was Dennis a menace even without the ball?

Lone before Dennis Lillee lost his hair, he lost his head. And if Ajit, Hindi cinema's best loved villain were at the mike, he'd say "Lillee, don't be silly".

Marcus Trescothick's 'Minternational' Career

Looks like Marcus Trescothick was chewing on a lot more than how to handle the Aussie bowlers during the 2005 Ashes series. By his own admission, he gives more credit to Murray Mints than the English bowling line up - Flintoff, Jones and Harmison.

More on this Minteresting story here.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


2 medals at the Olympics. Sushil Kumar, a bronze in wrestling, and Vijender Kumar in the boxing ring. The latter has a chance to go on and make a bid for a medal of higher value, as he has assured himself of at least a bronze by reaching the semi-final.

On a less important note, the highly overpaid cricketers of this country scraped past a measly Lankan total with just 3 wickets to spare.

I hope these sporting stalwarts receive the recognition and monetary reward they are due from the Government. It will be a shame if we ever hear of Olympic medals being sold in the face of poverty.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Slap 'n' stick comedy

Remember that bowler named Sree,
From beautiful God's own country?
At the end of a match
Only a slap did he catch,
At the hands of a gent named Bhajji.

Poor Sree, he shed tears galore,
And for the cam, wept some more.
Some asked for Bhajji's head.
Some begged pardon instead.
Said 'His passion just came to the fore.'

Much remorse to the table did Bhajji bring
When he sat down with the Judicial Ring.
Said "Sree is my brother,
I love him like no other."
And so Sree became Sri Santa Singh.

Monday, August 18, 2008

For better, for verse

Now there was a man named Singh.
Hitting sixes he said was his thing.
He once hit six in a row,
And earned a few crore
Now he's less batsman, more bling.

Mallika after Kirsten?

Why not?

I like the idea of Mallika's forehand going down the line every time someone misfields, bowls a wide, gets out for a duck etc. (Ugly aur Pagli has 99 references to the afore mentioned forehand.)

Statutory warning: The boys in blue might just take their eyes off the ball in order to receive a forehand at the hands of this delicious damsel.

It doesn't get verse than this.

There was a captain named Dhoni.
Said, 'I don't play just for the money'.
The reasons for our defeat,
Can be blamed on tired feet
And a choc-a-bloc itinerary.

The Board came back all flared.
'Go if you're tired' they dared.
'The IPL was the best
Time for you to rest
Now let us of your tirade be spared.'

So off he went on his much needed break
But not so long that his wallet would ache
Then he'd come back and win.
Master Murali-Mendis' spin.
And thus he did for his country's sake?

Alas the plot went ding dong
Someone sang another song.
The Indian team lost,
Gave credit to the host,
And Dhoni said, 'We read the pitch wrong'.


Ding dong bell,
Dhoni's in the well.
Who put him in?
A big mouth and foot within.