Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hair transplant

Uprooted. Treated. Now planted back again. Darrel Hair has been reinstated by the ICC and will return to umpiring at the head of international cricket. Cricket's governing body claims that Hair has successfully completed a 6-month 'rehabilitation' period.

Substance abuse? Gosh no! Hair is as clean as a bald man's pate. It's what the aggrieved country claims to be abuse of power. Remember, Hair first stood up in cricketing circles when he called Murali for chucking. The last was Pakistan for ball-tampering. Though nothing was proved to the contrary, Hair was cut down to size.

Now he's back in the thick of things, but indications are that it won't be for long. His contract expires in 2009, and by the looks of it ICC will be losing Hair then.

The cricinfo story is HERE.

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