Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bye bye to bhai bhai

There's a line of defense going around saying Bhajji was provoked to play his forehand in the vicinity of Sreesanth's ear. Personally I haven't heard anything more stupid. As far as I remember, taking the law into your own hands is still a crime in this country. And if the BCCI won't oblige Sreesanth might want to refer the matter to the nearest cop coop.

Meanwhile the farcical drama to save Bhajji the blushes and a ban, touched soap operatic heights. The Turbanator and the Turbanated spoke of brotherly ties. And Sreesanth was adopted, perhaps without his prior consent. (Santhakumaran Sreesanth Singh? Or Santa Singh? He..he..he)

The final decision on this matter will still hover around cheeks, and the Turbanator might just have to pucker up for some very fervent kissing.

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