Saturday, November 22, 2008


8 wise men, they met in a room, to pick the men in blue
And before they emerged, all was out. But who, who, who?
Selectors? Captain? Or coach? Who is the mystery leak?
Call in the CBI I say, and let's find that blabbering beak.

Or go live on every channel, that's smoking in the air.
Give everyone a ear to the door, I think it's only fair.
Add a commercial break or two, rake in a million more;
Bring in the dancing girls, and you could make it four.

Let's play it under the lights, at the Eden, Kotla or Mumbai;
Coloured clothing, sponsorships, tickets. Surely that's okay!
A giant scoreboard and screen? To play back every catch?
When the circus is done, a prize for the man-of-the-match?

The Indian Selection League, sirs, is what I propose today
Make me the Chairman or CEO, I'll make the tamasha pay.
Much, much more moolah, than the IPL will ever bring
Poor Lalit will have to wait in line, while the Board my praises sing.

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