Saturday, January 14, 2012

He'll have to go.

The first day of the 3rd test against Australia has just ended. The humiliation takes a break for 12 hours.

India is on the brink of its overseas test score turning 0-7. If all goes according to form, it will be 0-8 at Adelaide. So pitiful has the display been, that there is no option but for the sword to be drawn. Heads must roll.

So who goes? I'd start right at the top. There must be no mercy for the humiliation that I, the Indian cricket lover feels today.

Every member of the BCCI must go. Since shame is a scarce commodity, I suppose they will have to be nudged. Accept moral responsibility fellows, and clear out. Cricket in this country deserves better leadership than what you can provide. You've ensured that Indian cricketers make a ton of money more than their English or Australian counterparts, and for that I congratulate you. Unfortunately however, you've also ensured the Indian cricketer is now a fattened sloth. There is no hunger to perform on the field of play, and for that I deplore you.
By turning T-20 into a money spinning machine, you've dug a grave for India in test cricket. Quickfire knocks earn quick big bucks, while the reward for turning out in white over 5 days is small change in comparison. The depressing consequence of your shortsightedness, if you haven't seen it yet, is broadcast in high definition to millions of Indian homes.

You, the selectors must go too. Without exception. You have failed miserably. I don't care if you were icons in your playing days. Today you are a bunch who failed to pick a fighting XI from an overpopulated country. The game has changed since you last stepped up to the crease, and your reading of the game is better off in a history book, or a commentary box where I have the option of turning the volume down.

Players, you have my sympathy, but I can afford you no mercy. Your current form is pathetic, and no matter how permanent your class is, it won't win us any matches unless you are out of the side. International cricket is simply not the place for you to be trying to rediscover your form. Besides, there are far too many young men working their butts off for the opportunity you are currently making a mess of.

It all adds up to the fact that change is needed. Desperately. Administrators, selectors and players must not be allowed to indefinitely occupy spaces they are undeserving of. Players must be picked on current form, and not on past records. Selectors must be held accountable for their choices, and for the lame excuses they offer the media. The cheapest form of the game must not be the best rewarded. National players must be asked to play the Ranji Trophy when not on duty for the country, and good form in the Ranji Trophy must be rewarded even if it comes from a newbie. The national talent pool must be grown to at least 50 from the 11 it stands at today. Batsmen should be judged not by the runs they have scored, but by the games they have won for the team. So also with bowlers. Personal records must be asked to wait politely behind team accomplishments. Corporate India must be asked to take its hands of Cricket India.

Yes, there is a lot to do. And if this unending overseas humiliation doesn't trigger change, then I'd like to know what will. A 4 test series against South Africa?

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