Saturday, December 1, 2007

India shining

The man under pressure to perform, once the Eden Gardens was named as a venue for a test against Pakistan, was always going to be the curator. What he laid out on the 22 yard strip in the middle was going to decide the longevity of a cricketing career or two, and in turn his own. You see, Dada hadn't scored a ton in 4 years, and has been at best wobbling along on the unsure support of 30s, 40s and the odd 50. And opinions on how Very Very Special a player Yuvraj is have also not been rare.

Now with 2 days of the match on a supremely placid pitch, 1 double hundred, 2 hundreds and a smiling Indian batting line-up behind us, all is hunky dory. The superstars have risen from the ashes. Yuvraj's place on the benches has been cemented. The squad to Australia has picked itself. The curator's got a sore back from the all the pats he's received. It's India shining all over again.

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