Saturday, July 26, 2008

M&M, not so sweet

Sri Lanka 600 for 6. With more centurions than the average Roman regiment.

India 223 for 10. Following on, 138 for 10. Ajantha was tremendis. And Murali's balls, well clear of Hair, crashed through Indian reputations and defences with predictable regularity.

Mendis finished with 8. Murali finished with 11. And India were well, just finished.

We come back again in a few days for another contest between the Paper Tigers and the Lankan Lions. It starts at Galle on July 31, 2008, and will in all likelihood hardly resemble a contest. (Just for the record, 'Galle' and 'maul' rhyme. Please note that I pointed it out first)

Till then, click here for a blast from the past.

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Raghuram C S said...

Manoj, would want to point out three things.
1- Sri Lankan players had a payment dispute some time back. And then the board kind of agreed to pay them and all that.
2- True, Mendis took 8 for something. And Murali took 11 for something. But have you ever wondered about how much our paper tigers took home after the match as their fees? A bunch of over-paid, over-estimated and over-hyped lot.
3- While you are right about the Galle and maul bit, I would like to say that the Lankans are like Gauls with Magic Potion. It would not be a surprise if we are handed our first ever Emerald Wash.