Monday, August 18, 2008

It doesn't get verse than this.

There was a captain named Dhoni.
Said, 'I don't play just for the money'.
The reasons for our defeat,
Can be blamed on tired feet
And a choc-a-bloc itinerary.

The Board came back all flared.
'Go if you're tired' they dared.
'The IPL was the best
Time for you to rest
Now let us of your tirade be spared.'

So off he went on his much needed break
But not so long that his wallet would ache
Then he'd come back and win.
Master Murali-Mendis' spin.
And thus he did for his country's sake?

Alas the plot went ding dong
Someone sang another song.
The Indian team lost,
Gave credit to the host,
And Dhoni said, 'We read the pitch wrong'.


Ding dong bell,
Dhoni's in the well.
Who put him in?
A big mouth and foot within.