Sunday, November 18, 2007

The 5 ball over

Doordarshan's avarice in squeezing every drop of advertising revenue out of the telecasts they squeeze out of private channels is outright shameless.

Just as soon as the last ball of the over makes contact with willow, CUT. Then a buck toothed Shahrukh frets over a new mobile phone offer. An elderly couple prepares to leave for Singapore thanks to a bank's retirement plan. A cockroach wriggles out of a kitchen wall and into a salad, demonstrating the virtues of a sealant. Kajol does a step-two-three-four with Mr. Mach (her pet croc). Salman takes a U-turn and puts on a few layers for a clothing brand. CUT.

We return to the field of action. The score reads 210 for 4 in 37.1 overs. Introducing the 5 ball over. Invented and promoted by Doordarshan. You see, they can't afford spaghetti straps and designer sarees to up ad rates and eyeballs. So they make do with the time they have on hand.

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PlaneMad said...

yea, well if you pay peanuts, you're gonna get monkeys :P