Friday, November 9, 2007

What the chuck!

One would think that with multiple television cameras, replays, slo-mos, super slo-mos and the hordes of experts sitting in commentary boxes, chucking on a cricket field would be caught and cuffed without any delay. After all the evidence is on tape. But, no. Suspect actions continue to play matches, pick up wickets, win games and notch up records. Shamefully they're even compared to legends like Hadlee, Lillee, Marshall and Holding whose actions never demanded a second viewing to be upheld as legal.

So what's the scene today?

We have our neighbour's chief muscle popper who wouldn't be allowed a bowl in a tennis ball cricket tournament at Shivaji Park.

Then there are a few Proteas, Kiwis and K'roos whose demise would be the attempted quicker ball.

There's also a West Indian who shares a name with Pakistan's coach but is an embarrassment to his action.

And some tweakers from the sub-continent who bend more than just their backs at the crease.

I don't blame Shas, Was, Gas and other mike handlers for maintaining a deathly silence. A place in the commentary box is worth a lot of money, and hardly worth sacrificing at the altar of righteousness.

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