Friday, November 23, 2007

Block and tackle

Two days into the first test against Pakistan, and my forehead's got more creases than 2 days ago. No it isn't the surrender of our paper tigers that troubles me. I'm willing to live with a poor batting performance, and hope like all die-hard fans that a bad day happens just once in a while.

It's the manner in which the top five bat that bothers me. It's the attitude they bring to the crease. So defensive that even if a batsman spends 3 hours at the crease, he's only done the opposition a favour. This block and tackle manner of batsmanship, which can at best be called an attempt to score, won't hurt us against Pakistan. But trying it against Australia, is like bending over to pick something off the floor in a men's prison.

I hope the Indian team has another strategy to play Lee and Company. Or we might as well just concede the series via email.

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